Cancellation Policy

What is our cancellation policy?

Our practice aims to provide the best possible care for you. Our professionals can only consult a limited number of patients per day, and when an appointment is scheduled for you, that time has been dedicated to you and cannot be used to treat other patients who may need our professional help.

As such, if you do not show up to an appointment or fail to notify us of your inability to attend your appointment within the 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment, you will incur a full cancellation fee.


How to cancel your appointment:

Email is the most efficient way to contact us and to notify us if you are not able to attend your appointment.


Cancellation fee:

If you cancel your appointment in the 24 hours prior to your schedules appointment, a cancellation fee will apply to cover basic administration costs. The cancellation fee varies between clinicians and depending on the length of the appointment. The cancellation fee is not reimbursed by Medicare.


When does the full fee incur?

A failure to arrive for your scheduled appointment without cancellation will incur the full cost of the appointment, and will not be reimbursed by Medicare.


What happens if I cancel my appointments repeatedly?

A small percentage of patients repeatedly fail to attend their appointments without timely cancelling or re-scheduling. If there is accumulation of total of three (3) cancellations, we will require you to indicate your commitment to your following appointment by paying its full fee in advance. If you attend the appointment, we will issue an invoice for you to claim the Medicare rebate for the appointment you have attended. However, if you do not attend despite indicating your commitment through payment, we will not provide a refund.