New Client Information

We welcome new patients:

You can claim Medicare rebates if you are an Australian citizen or a permanent resident. To do so, please provide an appropriate valid referral from your GP on your initial visit to our practice:

  • If you intend to see a specialist, you need to bring a GP referral to your initial appointment. This is also required if you are returning for a follow-up appointment after a lapse of one year or more.
  • If you intend to see a psychologist, you need to bring a GP referral and a Mental Health Care Plan (GPMHCP) addressed to our Psychologist to your initial appointment. This will provide you access to Medicare rebates for individual sessions. The total number of Medicare approved individual therapy sessions with psychologist is set by Medicare every calendar year. If your GP specifies group therapy in the GPMHCP, you also can attend ten group therapy sessions per calendar year. The group therapy is in addition to the individual sessions. All Medicare rebates are set by Medicare and they could change over time.

As of 01/07/2020, Medicare will rebate: 

  • $128.40 per standard consultation with a Clinical Psychologist
  • $32.60 per group consultation with a Clinical Psychologist

Medicare rebates may be claimed at the practice on the day of your consultation.

If you have additional question regarding referrals, our friendly practice staff will be happy to assist you.

We would recommend that you send us your referral letter prior to booking an appointment. That would assist us to advise you if we are the best service for your needs.

If you are not an Australian citizen or a permanent resident, you could be entitled to claim some rebate from your health insurer, but this issues would be subject to your individual insurance policy and we cannot advise you about it. To make a claim from your health insurer, you would need a GP referral letter for your initial visit with us.

Telephone or telehealth consultations: These sessions may be organised with your chosen health professional. Most health professionals and allied health workers still require a valid GP referral letter even for telehealth sessions. You can book these sessions based on the clinician’s usual practice.

Fees not covered by Medicare:

There are some fees which are not covered by Medicare. These include:

  • Third party referrals: Medico-legal assessments for third party insurers, work cover and employer assessments are charged at rates prescribed by the Australian Medical Association (AMA).
  • Requests for reports: These fees are calculated on an hourly basis according to AMA rates. Reports are completed on a prepaid basis. We would recommend that you discuss with your clinician your particular needs, the conditions and the fee for providing a report.

Consultations without a GP referral letter:

If you do not wish to claim Medicare benefits you might be able to consult a chosen clinician if they agree to the appointment without a valid GP referral letter. If there are specific individual circumstances related to the appointment, you might be able to discuss it with the clinician.

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